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Rocket Launcher Storage System (RLS)- Style A

Rocket Launcher Storage System (RLS)- Style A

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The GRG Rocket Launcher Storage system consists of two Starboard plastic plates that sandwich the existing aluminum frame around the rocket launcher on your boat.  (for those not familiar with the term "rocket launcher" - this refers to the rod holders located on the back of most leaning post/seats fitted to center console style boats).  These plates are held in place with a series of 316 stainless steel screws and flexible spacers that compress outward and clamp the system in place on the framing.  Our system requires NO HOLES be drilled in your boat!  We are boaters ourselves and recognize that holes invite corrosion and we avoid them wherever we can we design a product.  Installation hardware is included!

The Starboard plates provide a set of pockets that fit an array of 3D printed inserts that you can select and swap to tailor the insert to your needs.  There are three rectangular pockets and two small round pockets that fit our inserts in the plate system.

Will it Fit?  This Style "A" fits the Key West Bay Reef series/style leaning post. This leaning post is available on other models of Key West boats so it's possible that you have this leaning post on a model that is not a Bay Reef.  Please take the time to review the photo and dimensions here to ensure a good fit.  If you are concerned that it may not fit, need help confirming a fit, or would like us to make a model to fit your boat, please contact us and we will be glad to help find the right assembly.  Please contact us using our contact form or email us at

Style "A" fits rocket launchers with a 31" overall width and a 6.75" center to center spacing of four rod holders.


This system comes with three inserts by default. If you want to exchange inserts that you would prefer more, please leave a note with your order about the three inserts you want. Please note that our inserts do not include any tools that fit them and some of them are designed to fit specific brands of tools.  The interchangeable rectangular inserts available:

  • Insert with double slots for pliers, scissors, crimpers (1 INCLUDED)
  • Insert for a Boga Grip or Boga Grip style lip grippers
  • Insert for a Large Dehooker (1 INCLUDED)
  • Storage tray insert (1 INCLUDED)
  • Insert for holding two 2oz bottles of Pro-Cure (inverted)

Fixed end inserts

Round - insert for holding a small bait knife, ice pick, or small dehooker (2 INCLUDED)

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