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Saddle Bag Set

Saddle Bag Set

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  • Set of two bags each holding 2 boxes each
    • one left, one right, each holds two 3700 series size tackle boxes.
  • Fold-up design for ease of storage
  • Side handle for easy travelling and moving
  • Three attachment points while installed to prevent wobbling


  • Made from marine grade vinyl coated mesh fabric
  • Reinforced with polyester webbing
  • Outdoor rated webbing with hook and loop fasteners for easy attachment to the boat on the side and bottom
  • Pockets have a plastic batten inside to lip to keep the lip of the pocket flat and square for easy insertion and removal of boxes
  • Stainless steel hook and square ring at the top for easy installation and for easy closure of the bag


  • Overall size of 21.5" x 15.5"
  • Pockets are 9" tall and 15" wide and fit 3700 series size boxes up to 1-7/8" thick


  • We offer three colors to choose from:
  1. Grey with black trim
  2. Black with black trim
  3. Tan with tan trim
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