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Double Insert for 2oz Pro Cure Bottles

Double Insert for 2oz Pro Cure Bottles

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This insert for our RLS system has two carefully shaped pockets that perfectly fit 2oz Pro Cure bottles of fish attractant.  If you use Pro Cure, we're sure you've struggled with that thick attractant stranded in the bottom of the bottle as far away from the dispensing nozzle as it can get!  Say a thankful "good riddance" to that problem forever.  Once you start storing your ProCure in our RLS system insert, they store inverted so that attractant is at the nozzle ready to be dispensed at a moments notice.  Spend more time fishing, not banging a bottle of attractant against something.  This insert fits two bottles so you can keep two different flavors or you can keep a backup at the ready for when one gets empty.  The bottles fit snuggly so they can withstand highway speeds and stay put yet they're ready to grab with a single hand for use.

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This product is a 3D printed insert that works in conjunction with our Rocket Launcher Storage (RLS) system.  It fits any of the three rectangular positions in the system. This item is the plastic insert that installs into an existing storage system and does not include the actual RLS system.  It also does not include tools but tools that are known to fit are linked below.

Our 3D printed components are printed in-house using PETg plastic.  PETg is not the easiest material to print with but we have fine tuned our machines to work with the material because it offers great physical properties for an outdoor / marine duty component with it's UV resistance and high glass transition temperature (meaning you can leave it in the hot sun and it will not soften).  These are durable components that we use in our own boats without issue.

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