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Small Round Insert for RLS system (small dehooker, bait knife, ice pick)

Small Round Insert for RLS system (small dehooker, bait knife, ice pick)

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This insert for our RLS system and will fit the small round openings on the end of the system.  It will hold a small dehooker, small bait knife, or an ice pick.  It is designed to fully encapsulate the knife blade on a typical 5" bait knife for safety.  While it will typically fit most 5" bait knives, the knife and other tools that are known to fit this insert are linked below.  The ice pick is handy for breaking up stubborn ice in your cooler or practicing Ike jime for the fish you harvest.  The small size dehooker is great for removing bait from sabikis and the insert is specifically designed so the dehooker slides smoothly in and out of the insert without catching.

5" KastKing Bait Knife
Cuda Stainless Steel Ice Pick
Small Dehooker

This product is a 3D printed insert that works in conjunction with our Rocket Launcher Storage (RLS) system.  It fits either of the two round end positions in the system.  This item is the plastic insert that installs into an existing storage system and does not include the full RLS system.  It also does not include the dehooker tool.

Our 3D printed components are printed in-house using PETg plastic.  PETg is not the easiest material to print with but we have fine tuned our machines to work with the material because it offers great physical properties for an outdoor / marine duty component with it's UV resistance and high glass transition temperature (meaning you can leave it in the hot sun and it will not soften).  These are durable components that we use in our own boats without issue.

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